Twenty Questions

I’m going to give you 20 answers to 20 random questions for you all to get to know who I really am. It may be hard hitting questions or funny ones but the goal is for me to truthfully answer it.

Now let the good times roll:

  • Full name?

My full name is Elian Audrey, this unique name was made by combining the names of my grandmother (from both sides of the family), my mother’s name and lastly my father’s name.

Growing up nobody know how to actually pronounce my first name, so I always go by my second name Audrey. Only now that I am on this age that I go by Elian or simply Yan. But any nickname you call me by whether it is Yan or Audrey, I would probably answer as I still use both as my nickname.

  • Current Crush?

Who do I have my eyes on? Well if we are talking about Hollywood crushes, it would probably be Chris Evans, not because he is gosh darn handsome but because of his personality, his attitude, he is charming, knowledgeable, and a real dream chaser.

But if we are talking about hockey, then most probably I will go for Paul Martin (San Jose Sharks defenseman) and Jamie Benn (Dallas Stars Captain).


  • Addiction?

I am not addicted to meth, marijuana or any kind of drugs. What I am addicted to is adrenaline, social media (to which personally, isn’t everyone?), white chocolate (if there was no cocoa why is it still called chocolate?), and sleep. Those are the things that I am addicted with as of now.

  • Relationship Status?

Single and proud of it! I decided to be single because I know I am not ready for any serious relationships yet because I feel that I am immature and I would only hurt the person that I would be with.

  • Favorite Color?

My favorite color before is blue and violet any shades of them actually but currently my favorite colors are: Hawks Red, Victory Green, and Pittsburgh Gold.

  • Who I miss?

Who do I miss? I actually miss my siblings! My siblings who are both currently in College getting their degrees in Architecture and Pharmacy. We may not have been close when we were younger but our relationship now is better than I could have ever expect.

  • Who understands me?

The one who understands me better than myself is my Mom. My mother is the one who I can always run to when I feel that I can’t face my personal demons anymore. Truthfully, a couple of years ago, I won’t probably answer my mom because I am not as close to her (or my father) because I thought that they were not proud of me. I always thought that I was the black sheep of my family but apparently I am not, it is only me who was thinking those stuff about me.

Now, because of a few sessions with a therapist, I can safely say that my mom is the one I can always run to if I needed help.

  • Someone who is always there for me:

Somebody who is always there for me is my closest male cousin, we have always been close since we were kids and living at the same village in the City. He is and always will be my partner-in-crime, he can always talk to me about stuff and I feel that I am more like the person I wanted to be around him.

  • Who I do the craziest stuff with?

The person I do the craziest things with would probably be my younger sister. Even though we have different tastes in all things considered, we still are both adventurous enough to try new things together.

  • Who makes me smile?

The person who makes me smile is the person that I love the most and that is God. Have you seen the beautiful things He has created for you today? Appreciated them? How about the blessings you have received?

But aside from him, the person that makes me smile is probably the person who currently holds my heart. His name is Adam and he is absolutely amazing, incredible and lovely. (P.S. That is not Levine, would never be Levine.)

  • What am I listening to?

Currently I am listening to Blake Shelton, Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Parmalee, Dan and Shay and so many more Country Singers. To be frank with you I only have one genre that I frequently listen to and that is Country.

But aside from those mentioned above, I listen to Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and a Filipino artist by the names of Vice Ganda and Maja Salvador.

  • Turn Ons?

Attitudes and Attributes that will turn me on would probably be these:

Blue eyes, a good beard, healthy physique, intelligent (what is strength without the brains?), caring, open minded, courteous, polite, respectful, just, God fearing and lastly faithful.

  • Turn Offs?

Attitudes and Attributes that will severely turn me off are these:

People who smoke cigarettes (I’m asthmatic), those who do drugs, people who hates people because of their difference, bullies, close minded homophobics, cheaters, liars, and of course those who doesn’t respect their mothers.

  • Best friend/s?

I thought I have someone that I could actually call as my best friend. But we have parted ways as any friendship do. But I realized that the person I could always trust and count on is not someone who I can see and hear with only my eyes and ears. His name is Jesus Christ, he died on the cross to save me from my sins. He is the only one who hasn’t given up on me and I can always count on him.

Aside from Him, I would probably say that my mom is also my best friend.

  • What I hate?

People who criticizes me for my weight! Yes I know I am fat, thank you for noticing is there anything else I can do for you?

These critics think that they are helpful by pointing out other people’s flaws, what they don’t know is that they are verging into bully territory.

So yes, probably I hate Bullies.

  • Who’s annoying?

My younger male cousin who thinks that I am his servant and that I am around his age. Guess what? He’s thirteen and I’m twenty-five! Who should be the patient one? Me because I’m the older one.

Another annoying person would probably be this female senator in my country who thinks that people should still believe her innocence even though the evidence is already stocked against her and her party.

Lastly, there’s this annoying fan base in the hockey world. They hate on the face of the game because he is the Captain of their rival team. Guess what? They could always throw hate because they could never be as good as the one they are throwing their hate on. (Why yes, I’m talking about the Flyers fans.)

  • Hockey team/s?

My favorite teams would probably be these:

• Pittsburgh Penguins (resilient motherfuckers)
• Chicago Blackhawks (determined assholes)
• Dallas Stars (underdogs)
• Nashville Predators (gutsy guys)
• Montreal Canadiens (dedicated assclowns)
• Washington Capitals (tenacious fuckers)

and lastly;

• New York Rangers (unstoppable force)

Yes I love them, those descriptions on those parenthesis are the reason why I love them.

  • Favorite food/s?

Food. I am a food lover, if you could see me you would not wonder why. But my favorite food would probaby be:

Sweets like candies, cakes, ice creams, and other things that are sweets. My father is scared that I would have diabetes because of how I eat them, I probably have the biggest sweet tooth in my family.

Sushi, I love love love love sushi and sashimis. Basically any Korean/Japanese/Chinese foods that are very appetizing to my eyes, I would probably try them.

Burgers the greasier the better. My favorite fast food burger would probably be the ones at Army Navy. Those people who created them knows how to do burgers.


My mother’s experiments seriously I love home cooked meals especially if they are made by my mom. I say experiment because when asked what is the name of her dish, she would say she doesn’t know. If asked how did she made it she would reply that she still doesn’t know! Even though they are experiments though, they are so dang good!

  • Favorite TV Show/s?

The only thing I watch in the telly right now is news. But before all I ever watch are cop drama series like: Bones, CSI franchise, Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five-0, MacGyver and Grimm.

But when I can I also watch the History Channel, Crime Investigative Channel, Asias Food Channel (AFC) and lasty the Travel, Living, Cuisine Channel (TLC).

  • Who inspires you?

The person that inspires me would probably be the person who hasn’t given up on me. The person who has given me chances upon chances to make it up to her. The person who loves me unconditionally. The person who supports me in all of my endeavours, and the person who is so strong, loving, and caring is my mom. The best mother in the universe!

Thank you for reading guys!




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