Activity for One

Let me ask you a question: what do you usually do when you are alone? Do you watch netflix and chill? Do you sing? Do you dance? Do you get a much needed me time?

This post would be an incredibly revealing one as I would inform you what I do when I am left alone. Personally I think we all needed a certain Alone Time no matter what age we already are especially with this generation.

People might ask why would I want to do activities alone rather than with other people, and the answer is very simple. I do these activities because I wanted to lessen my stress levels and if I am with other people then I would probably add stress instead. That would contradict the goal of having a personal time alone.

During what I call “Yan Time“, there are certain things or activities that I do that I can’t if there are people around. Some of the activities I enjoy doing while alone are these:

Watching Movies and TV Series

– During my “Me Time” I love watching the shows/movies that I wouldn’t normally watch when I am with other people. It is my escape because when I am in company of other people I have always let them choose what to watch. So during my me time I get to explore other shows or movie genres broadening my way of thinking, making me think differently from others.

Foodie Adventures

– While I am alone, I love pampering my tastebuds as I let them try something that I don’t normally eat. People may ask why don’t I do this with company? I am quickly going to reply with a question: “What if they don’t want to try it? What will I do, not try it as well?”

But sometimes while pampering myself I just eat a half litter of ice cream on one sitting and try different coffees from different cafes.

Going to the Arcade

– People will say that it would be boring as you are enjoying the games alone and nobody will be cheering for you! Well, guess what? I can concentrate more on killing the zombies without someone distracting me.


Local Explorations

– Have you ever rode the bus by yourself then have them drop you off at the last stop? Have you ever just walked around, going into alleyways and passageways, for the sake of walking? I love doing this because I can  find local stuffs, shops and other things on the places that I have been dropped off. Yes there is still danger especially if you are travelling alone, anything can actually happen while you do this but you also explore places that you haven’t been before without someone hindering you from doing so.

Doing things alone might be lonely for others but for me it means adventure, it means broadening my horizon, broadening my taste for other cuisine, a person could not just be satisfied with routines all their life.

Yes adventures would be much better with companions, but doing it alone will also enrich your soul and you would find yourself much better without the influence of your peers or your family.

So to end this entry, I would love to ask you to go out there and explore alone. Find your likes and dislikes without the influence of other people, because life is not about knowing who you are but creating who you want to be.

Life is not about knowing who you are, life is about creating who you want to be.




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