Dear Twenty-six year old me

It’s just a few days away from your birth and I must say that this past year, life for you have changed.

This past 363 days have been filled with tears, joys, love, happiness, and sorrow. But you still have came up to the positive side. We had adventures and misadventures, good decisions and bad decisions, you even somehow grew up.

Last year you saw yourself losing a job opportunity even if you had wanted to keep it that badly, you made plans for your life that now you have realized where not bound to happen in the first place. There was something better that is going to happen, and let me just say: “Let it happen! God didn’t allow you to divert your plan without Him preparing a better one.”

You were asked by your mother if you would factor in coming home to take care of your grandparents when you were looking for another job at the same business line. It wasn’t meant to be because He seems that your grandparent needs you more than your independence as you are not yet ready.

Your ex-boyfriend when you were thirteen and is asking to come back? Please don’t give him a second or third thought even as you are not prepared for anything serious as you are still hang-up to someone you could never have.

In regards to your scholastic endeavor, I trust that you will make up your mind. Don’t factor anyone else in your final decision, not your parents, not your family, your siblings, or your future classmates. Ask yourself if you are coming back to school because you are pressured in doing so, or are you coming back because you think that you are incomplete as a person because you didn’t graduate college? Remember, not all business tycoons finished college, not all successful people even go to college. Your decision should be based on what you actually want.

You are passionate with a lot of things, don’t let that fire burn out. Cultivate those passion, continue reading and researching information. Keep the fire burning.

Lastly, your weight, there is a bike named Cros, and Cros wants to go out and be used everyday. You are not getting younger, your family has a history with diabetes, heart attack, and cholesterol. Monitor them, and for goodness sake try to get some exercise again. I know that most times the reason you are not in the mood is because you want to sleep in, well I’m going to bargain with you: If you can wake up and bike from 6am to 9am you can laze around the rest of the day. Can we have a deal on that?

Well, I know you can follow all those I have asked you to do. I just hope that by the time you are twenty-seven the letter that you would be writing is far different from this one. I believe in you Yan and as I am you, that means you believe in yourself.

I love you Elian Audrey you can achieve your dreams no matter how big or small they may seem.




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