Alright since my last post was a little heavy where I talked about suicide, and my personal attempt of taking my own life, I decided to make this next post a little lighter.

Today, I will be talking about the FIVE SURE WAYS TO WIN MY HEART.

But first let me give you a brief background of my previous relationship and why, I committed myself at being single.

Growing up, I never thought that at my current age I would still be single. Like any normal kid, I thought that when I turn 23 I would have been married and have the 2.5 kids, but here I am at 26 and the love adviser for my friends.

So back when I was 13 years old, a freshman in highschool, I got my first taste of a relationship and heartbreak. His name was Eric and we met through text, he was sweet, thoughtful, fun, and more than that he was a new adventure for me. We only met once and that was the end of it, we were only together for a short while 2-3 months when my overprotective parents learned about my change in relationship status.

Suffice to say, they took the only thing that connected us and for the next five months we were incommunicado until a friend of mine back then offered for me to use her phone to call him and explain things. So I did, but there was a problem, he have already moved on! Ouch.

So a year passed, on my sophomore year in highschool I met another boy through text, his name was Anthony. We never met in person and it was fine, I think looking back, the only reason why I let the communication die between us is because I’m still not over my first heartbreak.

But that is just puppy love right? It is also normal to get hurt because love is a gamble. You have given somebody your heart and you trust them not to hurt you.

Anyway fast forward to 12-13 years later, the first boy who broke my heart decided to come back and communicate with me. But, I didn’t allow it to take. In fairness to him, when I told him that I hold a different time as I was working in the BPO Industry he tried to cope with it. But I’m still scared, I’m still terrified of being hurt by someone again, especially by the same person.

Anyway I have already missed my chance for us to have a proper closure, Eric hasn’t returned any of my messages and I stopped texting him.

But OMG I’m so sorry if I’m becoming melancholic, I promised a safe and light post and I’m delving into deeper waters. So let’s get back to the main topic!


5. Learn the things I love

I don’t actually need you to love what I love or even like what I love. What I need you to do is to learn that I am different from other people, that my interest may not be the same as yours. Learn what I love, ask me why I love spending my time with it, what made it interesting for me.

I assure you, I’ll be doing the same with your interest. I’ll ask you what made it interesting, I can even try it once.

4. The way to a person’s heart is through…

I love to experience different cultures by what they eat. So even if I am this healthy already, you have no right to stop me from eating and experiencing life through my tastebuds.

I also love sweets so, if you once in awhile give me something sweet (even if it’s not that expensive) be assured that I will love it even if it’s just an ice cream sold by the street vendor.

3. Be affectionate

I am someone who will spend her life second guessing things, being paranoid, overthinking things. I am taking life one day at a time because of my depression. So tell me how you truly feel, tell me and not hide, I am an excellent listener and I want you to be open with me. Be frank.

But I am also not willing to accept verbal abuse, if you do it to me, I’ll be punching you and I’ve only been agressive once in my entire life.

2. Be close to my family

For me family is where I get my strength from. They are the ones who I’ll be running to if I have any problems. They are the ones who will be there if you break my heart. I didn’t say be drinking buddies with my dad, or be my mother’s best friend, what I mean is know my family.

Learn their individuality, what makes them thick, there is a Filipino expression about this: “Hulihin mo yung kiliti nila”

Know who they are, learn who I am close with then your chances of winning my heart increases.


1. Put God first

It took me years to learn that the only constant in my life, aside from family, is my Creator and my Savior. So if you help me get much closer to Him and not pull me away from Him then your chance of winning my heart is 100%. I want somebody to help me continue strengthen my relationship with God, I am not asking you to be a hardcore Christian/Catholic but I need you to have a strong personal relationship with Him.

So that is how you will win this woman’s heart. Thank you for reading!

Love always.


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