Oh My God an Update

Oh My God an Update

Hello blog, I’m so sorry for not updating you soon!

As I have said on my last update, I am now working and today, I am now working for this Company for about seven months, wow

Anyway, last December was actually super hectic and stressful for me, I had to list all of our clients and give them gifts, prepare for the party and make sure that everything would go flawlessly as I don’t want to let my Aunt down. But after all the stress, and all the “Oh my god what did I miss?” moments, I pulled it through. It was fun planning stuff and seeing to it until the end.

I also went home for Christmas and was shocked on how my grandmother is doing, she is getting weak since I have last seen her! She had never complained about her knees before and all throughout my Christmas break she was complaining about it. She also never went to church as her per usual while I was there with her! I know and believe that she misses my grandfather as she burst out to tears when her only son, my Uncle, teased her about being the first Christmas without grandpa, and I found it tactless and stupid.

I fear for grandma, and I am ashamed to admit this online, and I know that people will be angry at me once they read about this, but, you see I am slightly, slightly angry at my Uncle and Aunties as they never visited my grandmother while I was there and I know that they are not visiting her as often as she would like. Take note, some of them are around her area, just a fucking tricycle away and they do not even take the time to visit her. People would probably say that they’re busy with work.

Yes those people would be right, but they are also forgetting something, their mother is getting on with age and since she lost the love of her life, she needed the seven of them more than ever!

Ungh, enough about my dirty laundry being aired here.

As for work, I have a lot to complain but I know that it is tactless to complain about it here. But ungh, this Engineer, they just rub me the wrong way and I hate to say this but I don’t like her personally and it takes so much for me not to like you.

Well I have a laptop now, hopefully I can update you as often as I can.

Love Always.

Life Update

Life Update

Oh hello there my lovely blog, I am so sorry for not updating you for months! Well a lot has happened since I last updated you, first of those is that I lost my grandfather, Lolo Pop is now with his Creator after he have been fetched or in tagalog “sinundo” by his brother Lolo Rusting.

Lolo Pop had been an amazing man, a hardworking man and he is someone we all look up to. He died peacefully with all of his loved ones surrounding him, it actually reminds me of Carrie Underwood’s song “Temporary Home” and it goes something like:

Old man, hospital bed
The room is filled with people he loves
and he whispers;
don’t cry for me, I’ll see you all someday
He looks up and says: “I can see God’s face

But with Lolo Pop, he didn’t get his chance to say goodbye to us as he had closed his eyes on a Tuesday and he didn’t open it til the time he took his last breath, but I know and I believe that he is with my Creator, that is the only place he can ever be as he is the greatest man I can ever know.

The next change that happened is that now I am working again! Well my new job is challenging but I am prepared to take this new challenge on!

Lastly, the last change that I have to tell you is my change of lifestyle, as you know I am a ‘come what may’ attitude and ‘eat, eat, eat’ sense of self. Now because of my early diagnosis of hypertension, I am now living a healthy and happy life.

Well that’s all, I hopefully can update you as regularly as I can do.

P.P.S. My original wattpad story is still not done. Help😣!